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  • Digiflex DPDI Passive Direct Box
    Digiflex is proud to introduce the DPDI or Digiflex Passive Direct Injection box. Digiflex has found the perfect solution for quality at a reasonable price. The Digiflex direct box is designed and engineered in Canada with ruggedness and sound quality that rivals the more expensive units on the m..
    29.99 CAD
  • Klark Teknik DN100 active direct box
    The DN100 has become an established favourite amongst both engineers and musicians alike. With its high headroom, dynamic response and sonic clarity, DN100 faithfully reproduces the character of electric and acoustic instruments and allows far more of the detail of musical performances to be capt..
    123.00 CAD
  • Klark Teknik DN200 active stereo direct box
    Building on the success of DN100, the DN200 offers the same high headroom, dynamic response and sonic clarity, with the added convenience of two stereo channels in the same sized enclosure. DN200 is ideal for interfacing computers, keyboards, samplers and other electronic musical instruments to m..
    216.00 CAD